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WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats

WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.netA baby Sphynx is so ugly that it's cute. Also known as the pedigree Canadian Hairless, this Sphynx kitten is 2 weeks old. Although they appear to be hairless, Sphynx kittens have very fine, short hair that feels like peach fuzz. Their skin is the color that their furry coat would have been, if they had a pelt.
Sphynx owners often dress their cat to help keep it warm and healthy. This breed also needs to be bathed to remain clean. Like a parent might assist their child in putting on a temporary tattoo, some Sphynx owners frequently tattoo their cat. And then there are the Russian Sphynx breeds with more extreme tattoos and fashions like those below. Scandal or Sexy? WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.netA sadomasochist and inked Sphynx makes for a bizarre photo. Most of these featured Sphynx cat photos involve fake tattoos, the kind that are applied with water and light pressure. Other photos are of Sphynx cats which are permanently tattooed. Can you tell the difference? Tattooed Sphynx Minus Leather Accessories WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net

The cat in the photo above has another fake tattoo. The photo below features a permanently inked Sphynx.

WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.netAs mentioned previously, it is common practice for Sphynx cat owners to dress their little darlings in order to keep them warm and healthy. But Mistress Bad Ass Cat? The choice of S&M fashion to keep the cats toasty seem ludicrous, yet humorous. Russian Tattooing Sphynx Started Scandal WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.netIt's all the rage, in Russia, if you own a Sphynx to have it tattooed. But this photo started a scandal as it spread online. It is unclear if PETA knows, but here is a video of the infamous cat tattoo parlor.
Tattooed Sphynx with Tattooed Owner WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net This is the same cat from the picture and video above. It seems perfectly happy with its matching tattooed owner. Oh wait, perhaps the hairless cat's expression is seriously ticked as it contemplates killing its owner? Matching Sphynx Cat & Owner WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net So what do you think? Is it barbaric to tattoo cats since they cannot voice their desire to be inked or not? Is this animal cruelty? Or is it live and let live? Inked Sphynx WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.netIs it cool? Cooler yet when the tattooed cats are all decked out in S&M leather fashion? Do you find it funny, bizarre, or WTF? The cat in the photo above has another fake tattoo. The photo below features a permanently inked Sphynx. WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.netThe choice of fish being tattooed on the cat seems as strange as the owner having the cat tattooed in the first place. Were These Fashions Chosen to Keep Cats Warm? WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net WonderfulTattooed Sphynx Cats Seen On www.coolpicturegallery.net


  1. This is sooo mean :( I hope these baldies were put under when they were tattooed and pierced!

  2. It makes me angry to see the cats permanently tattooed. They are at the mercy of the people who are supposed to be caring for them!

  3. This is disgusting, absurd and dangerous.
    Only a sick person would put their cat through this. It's very risky ever having a cat sedated, even for medical reasons. To do it for fun is down right irresponsible.
    These cats will be in pain afterwards with no prescribed pain killers as vets do not carry out tattoos and tattooists do not have painkillers for cats.
    The piercing are even worse. They could so easily be caught on something (i.e. cats own claws) and ripped out! This is preposterous.
    As for the costumes, SICK!!!!! Not funny or even slightly appropriate. Those costumes look restrictive and uncomfortable.
    These owners should not have pets if they are going to treat them this way. Even if the cats appear happy and unharmed, all of these things are risky and potentially life-threatening for the cats. I'm totally appalled.

  4. The pictures of the cats in strange leather outfits are clearly not real cats. Some of them have very unnatural eye colour and the outfits themselves are a bit of a give away.

    Pictures 5, 15, 17 and 18 particularly are unrealistic; you would never be able to get such closely fitting garments on such delicate areas as the paws, ears and tail without sedating the cat first, and the chances of them being comfortable enough in them to then pose so beautifully unrealistically are very, very slim indeed.

    The last 4 pictures are especially lifeless in my opinion. The cat in the last picture particularly has a very un-catlike expression on its face. My guess would be that these are the latest weird collectors items from the Ashton Drake galleries or a similar company.

    Very lifelike in some aspects like the So-Truly-Real dolls. Convincing at a glance but a closer look reveals the reality.

    Still very strange though.

  5. You're right!
    Thank you,i agree with all of you

  6. I just want to point on that it's not a real tattoo.... For some of the idiots out there.

  7. For the idiots that have tattooed these poor cats they should be ashamed of themselves, this is barbaric and uncalled for. The cats dont want to be tattooed and dont ask to be hurt I hope the people who do this to their cats have a rocket shoved where the sun doesnt shine and the cats given to someone who cares for them!

  8. Why would you do this to your own cat?

  9. this is cruel. why would you do this to a cat? if you like tattoos you should just get another for yourself and not put the poor cat through a potentially traumatizing procedure?

  10. This is outrageous. There should be laws against. You have the choice to do want you want to you own body, but what right do you think that you have to do this to another living being?

  11. there is no c in disgusting, and these are statues... not real cats. obviously.

  12. this is absolutely revolting!!!!!i myself have tattoos and know how painful they can.how dare people do this to their cats who theyre supposed to care for.If you are reading this you people are nast sick cruel individuals and must be stopped!and the tattoo artist is a disgrace for going along with it.your a bunch of uneducated disgusting morans.
    If i was your cat,Id hate your guts!!you are sick!

  13. I can not believe this! this makes me so angry! who are those owners and why aren't their cats taken away from them?!?! I want to go to those tattoo parlors and kick some butt! cat tattooing should be made illegal! animal cruelty is illegal! That is wrong, i truly believe that those owners should be arrested and never allowed to have a cat again!

  14. wow I can't believe people are falling for this, one image out of them all is real... ONE. The rest are photoshop and sculpture

  15. The crazier pictures of those cats in the shiny outfits are FAKE. Nobody could get a cat into a tight, rigid outfit like that, and you can tell that the skin and eyes on them is fake, it doesn't look anything like the skin on the real photos and the eyes look like they are glowing.

    But yeah, tatooing an animal is cruel, they wake up confused and in pain and they don't understand; they don't have the ability to make the choice, just as a child wouldn't.

  16. You're all idiots. Cat skin isn't as thick as ours. Taking far less time and depth to make color stay. Of course it still hurts a little but it's nothing to cry about. My dog is missing a leg, he didn't cry or bitch at all when he woke up missing a leg. They have no idea!

    PS. Does it hurt YOU to get your eat pierced?... No. Cattle tags? no. Cat or dog ears... NO... f.f.s.


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